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Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

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Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

Post  IceHurt on Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:44 pm

PRESENT: Nonny, Ima, Claw, Rosie, Ice


    Training Committee head vote comes to a close on Friday 7/26/13.
   Interleague and P&P Coheads reopened for nominations and then to be voted for fairness.

   BOARD LIASONS in committees (facebook groups):

Interleague: Nonny Ice

Bout Planning: Nonny, Ima, Rosie

Training: Ice, Rosie

PR/Fundraising/Sponsorship/Merch: Nonny, Rosie

NSO/Refs: Nonny, Ima, Claw, Rosie

Freshmeat: Claw

   NSO/REFS need an email address for public contact.
   COMMITTEE HEADS will begin to send in a list of members in their committee with their monthly reports. They will also list whether each member of their committee is actively participating in the committee so we can address if people need to be removed or placed in a different committee. This will also help track that all skaters hold a committee job.


Plan for the next recruitment is to be in January after Christmas hiatus.

Advise FM to submit a lesson plan of practices to the training committee to better work with them on how what the new skaters should be learning before entering vet practices. Get the 2 committees to work closer together.


Please issue a reminder for everyone to come into the center when the trainers are explaining skill/drills. All waters can go in the center track now and skaters can feel free to sit and rest in the center or grab water as needed. If skaters need to have a discussion about non-practice material they should please leave the gym and go into the hall as to not distract the other skaters. If you are off skates please be quiet and be respectful of the learning environment.

Issue a reminder that captains agreed there would be no passive offense (dandelion) strategy used for home teams bouts please. Discuss if this has changed.

   P & P:

Discussed the manner for posting policy for vote came up with plan:

   1.write policy
   2.send to board for forum approval.
   3.goes to forum for 10 days member discussion
   4.amendments made based on discussion
   5.send to board for final review
   6.if okay, vote. if not okay back to step 3.

Discussed that the revised bylaws did not require a vote because it is comprised of policies that were already voted on.

Would like P & P to work on a procedure for league votes (a timeline) and an appeals process to coincide with the current grievance policy.


Reviewed the results from the survey.


Would like to start getting involved with volunteering for the bout charities and more community work once the holidays hit.  Will work with the PR committee to set up these events.

Events attendance tracking. Ice and Mollz are working on getting a system worked out. Will be taking attendance for all league members not just skaters. PR will pick the events that count towards the required amount and then will have smaller events/opportunities that will count for extra credit or perhaps half credit.

Discussed setting up a policy on how much money will be donated to the charity on bout day. Rosie wasn't left with one so she's working it out bout to bout. (bout day budget)


Suicide made a contact with the owner of the Extreme Football League and he was interested in joining up with us in finding a practice place and helping us get back into the coliseum for much less cost. We would like to give him tickets to the next bout and set up a board meeting with him to discuss further details.

Discussed possibility of bidding on hosting WFTDA tournaments.

Tickets for the 8/24 bout have been ordered. Claw and Jackers worked through it but she wants to do it one more time Wink

Ima setting up a WFTDA section on the forum. Nonny and Ice will work together to get all members signed on the NDA who are on the forum and others will not have full access to the forum.

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Re: Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

Post  Shawna Wilcox on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:12 pm

So I'm in the Sponsorship FB group and thee is no board liaison. Can I add one of you? And should it be Rosie or Nonny according to this?
Shawna Wilcox
Shawna Wilcox

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Re: Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

Post  Ima Schoolya on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:24 pm

I want to be on Sponsorship! Add me! Smile
Ima Schoolya
Ima Schoolya

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Re: Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

Post  Shawna Wilcox on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:52 pm

Yay! I'll add you now Smile
Shawna Wilcox
Shawna Wilcox

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Re: Board Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

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