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Board Meeting Minutes 8/26/13

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Board Meeting Minutes 8/26/13 Empty Board Meeting Minutes 8/26/13

Post  IceHurt on Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:41 pm

PRESENT: Nonny, Ima, Claw, Rosie, Ice


Training Committee- Reviewed their plans for practice restructure. Denied request to extend practices 1/2 hour for offskates warm up. It will add about $260 monthly to our rent and we are concerned it might be hard for people to get there. TC can still lead offskates warm up if they like and we encourage tc to start practice on time with or without everyone. Skaters should arrive a few minutes early so we can get started and get more time out of our practices with the inclusion of warm ups and cool down stretching.
Split level practice does not need a vote, can be done on a trial basis and then TC can decide whether or not they like it and it will continue or not. (Giving more power to the elected committee heads in their areas of work.)

Sponsorship-Ima compiled a new sponsorship package with more options and tiers for potential sponsors. Will accompany a short letter and our season schedule. Will be ready for distribution once our season dates are chosen. This committee needs a cohead.

P & P- New vote procedure. Ice is working on a record of decision and the forum needs better vote organization. This new procedure includes:

  • one vote per thread
  • least amount of choices possible: yes, no, abstain
  • addition of the choice to abstain from voting
  • clearly stated deadlines
  • complete poll results posted

P & P can run policy votes after the final drafts with league input changes have been approved by the board. The Transfer and Mixer/Foster policies are first up with the new vote procedure.

GAME TIME GYM: The floor was scratched and varnish pulled up from the tape. They were upset but still want to work with us to find options. They suggested liquid tape. We are also exploring the possibility of getting skatecourt to store at their gym with sponsorship.
For now, we will use the Interstate center until we can work something out with GTG2. We'll be there for the 10/5 bout.
Interleague has Interstate center dates for next season- they are working on getting that set.

P&P Transfer and Mixer/Foster Policy (8/27/13-8/31/13)
HR Member to replace Sweet Thang <3 (nominations will run 9/1-9/6) and Skarebear's position is up in September
Vice President in September (HR runs this vote)
Sr. Advisor coming in November

501(c) 3 Meeting with the lawyer will be scheduled soon with Nonny and Rosie, we need to see where this process was left off, we may need to start again.

LINCOLN COLLEGE: Dinah has got us in contact with the college. Meeting Sept 6 at noon. They would like to partner with us and their sports med program and possibly other areas of their school like cosmetology.

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