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board meeting minutes 4/30/12

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board meeting minutes 4/30/12 Empty board meeting minutes 4/30/12

Post  mcmboard on Wed May 02, 2012 5:25 pm

:::Approved the training committee write up for a coach and gave permission to proceed to the next step.

--Process and Review Committee--
::::Poll is open until Wednesday

::::Top 3 items board would like to see worked on ASAP:
1. warning/probation/suspension
2. skater transfer policy
3. LOA-personal, medical, dues and skaters returning

::::Board- beginning of June (6/9 poll will end). 3 will run again.

::::Committee Heads- end of June (6/29 poll will end so anyone that doesn't get a board position can still run for committee head positions)

::::Current committee heads need to get a job description to Jackers by 6/1 so they can be posted.

::::Discussed all committees having co-heads to lighten the load.

::::PR and Fundraising will run together.

::::Refresentative and Mafia are separate and won't need to run.

--Next League Meeting--
::::Sunday 6/10
::issues/concerns/ideas to HR by 6/4 for approval
::committee reports and HR report to Jackers by 6/6
::agenda posted by 6/7
::announce board elections at meeting

::::HR will continue to run election polls from here on out
::::Board/Senior Advisor will continue to run polls pertaining to structure and function of the league (practice times, when elections should be held, dues increases, etc)

::::July 9th and 10th. Details to be announced.

--Cancelling Sunday practices until October, after the mock bout--
::::The league will need to vote on this. See seperate post about it on the forum.

--New Bout Dates--
::::Approved scheduling bouts until the end of this year, but not until 2013. Will re-look at 2013 in 2-3 months.

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board meeting minutes 4/30/12 Empty Re: board meeting minutes 4/30/12

Post  Dinah D. Molisher on Wed May 02, 2012 5:29 pm

Thanks, Board!
Dinah D. Molisher
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