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June/July committee co-head nominations

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June/July committee co-head nominations

Post  mcmboard on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:45 pm

It is time to run for our committee head positions. We will start taking nominations for the committees listed below (duties included). 

Please email your nominations (when sending the nomination please include the league members name and what committee they are running for) to by Tuesday, July 2nd.

Please note – all duties have been copied and pasted – some of the duties for co-heads could be different. If there is anything that needs to be added, changed, please post.

NSO could you please give a description for co-head duties/committee?

PR/Fundraising (2)
Interleague (2)
Training (1) Sass still co head (voted in 2/2013 when Ice took on WFTDA)
FreshMeat (2)
P&P (2)

NSOs (2)


PR/Fundraising Co heads (work together)

Works with committee to choose design of bout posters.
Communicates with photographer (Annie) in regard to any photographs chosen for marketing/advertising, as Annie must first edit.
Works with graphic designer (Meltdown Graphix) for design of bout posters/flyers, as well as with graphic designer (Shannon Flies, Flies Design) for compilation of bout programs.
Interacts with printers (PIP Printing, Jerry and Bruce), arranging for all posters or flyers to be hung or distributed once they are available.
Ensures that bouts and other events are posted to community calendars, as well as that press releases are sent to major media stations and newspapers.
Acts as a point of contact with other merchants and individuals in the community to develop public relations opportunities.
Posts all MissFit events (i.e. PR, Fundraising, Bouts), working closely with Merch, Sponsorship, and Fundraising Committees, as events on Facebook.
Keeps the Facebook page up to date with information, such as scores and upcoming events.
Ensures that all necessary needs are present for any event (i.e. merchandise, flyers, schedules, tattoos, banner).
Oversees BruiseLetter committee, providing guidance and writing articles as needed.
Provides cheatsheet of information (i.e. upcoming events, sponsors, bout activities) to announcers for bouts.

-Set up all fundraising events
-Be at almost every event from set up to clean up
-Do sign up genius for all events
-Set up committee meetings
-Work with the community in setting up places for fundraisers


Communicate and contract with other leagues for bouts home and away

Make contracts

Send rosters (names, derby names, numbers, wftda numbers)

Send above to any mixers plus positions for each skater

Huge part of bout planning process

Coordinate with refs/nsos for home and away

Afterbout paperwork (nsos have stats n send them to other leagues plus afterbout insurance)

Hospitality packet to all visiting leagues (hotel, after party, venue directions maps)

Compile comp lists for home and away per skater

Make agenda for bout day (this can be either bout day coordinator or interleague or both)

Communicate with wftda and add skaters/spreadsheet/print-send waivers and money -

any WFTDA insurance info is done thru the WFTDA committy, they are a sub of interleague and it's just Ice and Jackers.  

Interleague also fills out and sends in the wftda sanction workbooks for home and away bouts.



Responsibilities for the committee include planning and running league practices, conducting minimum skills testing, organizing and running travel team tryouts, helping to demonstrate skills at fresh meat practices, and make decisions regarding coaching for our league

Running practices-We write out the practice plan rotation according to Missfit training needs. We search for, write, and run drills according to practice plan and skaters needs. The drills must challenge skaters while bringing valuable learning experience for each skater. We also make sure every practice has a leader by creating the sign up genius, maintaining it and monitoring it. We also set up the practice scrimmages against other teams. Cross training(offskates) and injury prevention is an important part of practice time that we try to research and incorporate into practices as well.

Skater evaluations-We organize and run minimum skills testing each year for the bouting skaters and will use this information in practice planning and skater feedback. We will also be working with the fresh meat committee for try outs and training fresh meat and getting them passed on min skills before they join full league/scrimmage practices. We'll be assessing level of skill for transfer skaters(bouting or fresh meat) Watching bouts and scrimmages to provide feedback to skaters and help with future practice plans. We are also working on a new tryout method for drafting the travel teams so we may have something to do with that if/when it comes around.

Other coaching/training tasks: Ref rules on the forum. Addressing specific training needs of any skater. Working with referees on adhearing to wftda rule and expectations. Constantly researching and studying both our own leagues and others' strategy and technique so as to improve together as athletes. Learning and teaching new roller derby strategy and skating technique. Constantly challenging the skaters and learning with them to help everyone improve in the sport of roller derby. Working with the board and HR when moving forward in implementing any new training protocols within the league. Inviting other leagues to visit us for practice scrimmages.

As training committee head I do many of these tasks but many are shared duties of the entire committee but I do over see and monitor that it is all getting done and taken care of. You have to know all of the things so that if someone isn't/can't do it then you can-and will have too. If any problems or concerns arise from the league or HR I will ultimately be the one to respond to the issue with the help and feedback of the beautiful ladies in training. Smile I just want to say it should be a strong willed person who has a lot of drive and substantial knowledge of derby to run training committee. You really need to be able to key in on what skaters need so you know what to do in practices and how to help each skater reach their fullest potential.


Sign-up genius for workers and for skaters trying out
Rent skates
Print paperwork needed,
MCM Info packet, waivers Interviews and skills assessments
Committee meeting to choose girls and assign sissfits
Send out rejection letters
Email acceptance letters and send out bylaws
Print paperwork, contact info, Emergency contact forms, bylaws, gear profile
Order WTFDA rules books and hand them out
Make goodie bags
Sign-up to NSO at scrimmage
Introduce Sissfit program-suggestion to have captains or training committee members
Help order gear
Host a gear party, can do it small groups
Meet to discuss rule book, small groups ok
Teach them everything derby
Training Schedule practice times
Design a training program with basic skills and all level one skills testing
FM scrimmages
Integrate them into Vet scrimmages
Monitor Email
Track attendance and dues
Monthly reports to the board
Mediate FM concerns on the league


Duties for the P&P Committee will be in charge of fixing and maintaining bylaws and policies, focusing on addressing current policies as well as the overall league structure, job descriptions, etc. A member of the board as well as a member of HR will be acting as liaisons to maintain a system of checks and balances for all decisions made within the league, and to also ensure open lines of communication as polices are refined and developed.

Please post descripiton of duties for co head and committee.

Thank you

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Re: June/July committee co-head nominations

Post  Claw on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:52 pm


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Re: June/July committee co-head nominations

Post  Shawna Wilcox on Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:57 am

Sorry I'm always late for everything, but I just emailed my nominations Embarassed
Shawna Wilcox

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Re: June/July committee co-head nominations

Post  Claw on Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:54 am

Sponsorship co heads are not up for nominations. Bomb Sugar Brownshell (1/2013) and Katrina Hoare (4/2013) are the current co heads.

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Re: June/July committee co-head nominations

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