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New Sissfits!

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New Sissfits!

Post  Ass.Crack.Jack on Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:49 pm

Hey Big Sissfits!
Please be in contact with your new little Sissfit at least to make sure they are doing ok and don't have questions. If you can't find her on facebook, let me know-a few of them have silly names so they are more private. Here is their contact information!

Taylor Amberg 309-706-0505 (Shelly Snider- Shellviolateu)
Stephanie Anderson 309-242-5731 (Darcy Hymbaugh-Delta Badhand)
Jill Brummel 312-405-2661 (Stephanie Leonard-Rita Rogue)
Courtney Grose 309-826-5355 (Katie Bryan-Double Painbow)
Katie Hernan 309-825-5141 (Polly Bedford-Filly Buster)
Carrie Jackson 309-533-9502 (Natalie Weedman-Natomic Bomb)
Ariel Johnsey 217-556-2503 (Sandra Goaley-Wrecka Holmes)
Callie Katz 309-287-2973 (Molly Dill-Maully B May Hem)
Bobbie Leeds 309-824-5024 (Amy Sears-Bam B. Smears)
Jean Michalski 309-242-9535 (Stephanie Martin-Bonecheck Betty)
Allison Quinn 309-825-5995 (Megan Carmack-Sandra Dee Sockit)
Rebecca Russell 217-840-6464 (Nicole Dust-Pixie Rust)
Colleen Sheese 309-660-2393 (Laurie Bederka-Wrecksy Regulator)
Laura Shumar 317-372-0836 (Rebecca Peacock-Ginger Spite)
Christine Small 309-825-9196 (Mindy Unsicker-May Q. Sick)
Carlie Upchurch 309-212-1229 (Jenna Owen- Jen-A-Tration)

Little Sissfits!
If your big sissfit hasn't contacted you yet, find her on the contact list in the green bar at the top of this page-Important Pages-Contact List.
You can send them a private message through this forum, or find them on facebook.
Let me know if you have any questions!

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