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Post  Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:21 pm

I'm working on trying to rein in the forum a bit... it's so huge right now, I think we're starting to run the risk of people legitimately not being able to tell what they're supposed to keep up on. So I've made a few changes -- NONE ARE NECESSARILY PERMANENT. I'm open to comments and criticisms here.

A list of changes, in order of how much you're likely to noticeOMGWHEREISMYFORUM!

1. Only the "top-level" categories display on the front page. Quick way to tell whether there are green lights showing new posts, and in which categories. Click the category (e.g., "Important Info" to see which subcategory has new posts. Or just click on your subcategory.

2. Slight rearrangement of the hierarchy:
- Events moved into Important Info. Since Events is pretty important Smile
- Charity moved into Fundraising/Sponsorship.
- Practice moved into Important Info. Again, Practice is a required activity, makes sense to keep it in Important Info.
- Ask a Ref also moved into Important Info. I might think about putting it and the WFTDA rules (sigh... I've totally dropped the ball on posting these) into Training, though.
- Jeerleaders moved into NSO/REF/VOLUNTEER

3. Committees are now sorted A-Z! Yay Alphabetization!

Let me know what you think. Workin' for you all... trying to help manage our information, because we certainly make a lot of it!

p.s. At some point, I may need to start pulling the archived threads into a text file for posterity, if we really want to save them. I could use a small committee-like group to help formulate some retention policies with respect to our information... if anyone's interested in such a thing.


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