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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:49 pm

Mission Statement
The McLean County MissFits NFP (MCM) are dedicated to providing an opportunity for all women to challenge themselves physically through the sisterhood of roller derby while supporting and being supported by our community.

Membership Requirements
A. Requirements For Joining The McLean County MissFits
Be a female 21 years of age or older.
Provide a valid photo ID.
Read and sign the MCM waiver and acknowledgement agreement.
Read the McLean County MissFits bylaws and sign and return the “Signature of Compliance.”
Understand and accept the inherent risks of playing in the league as per the waivers.
Health insurance is strongly advised.

B. Requirements For Remaining Active On The McLean County MissFits Roster
Maintain a 75% or more practice attendance and 75% or more event record.
Remain current on dues.
Meet skating skill and safety standards as determined by the coaching staff.
Read, learn and stay current on the WFTDA Official Rules (
Apply for USARS insurance within 30 days (cost is $40 per year). Get form from Moxie Thundersox, get charter member number, write check and mail form. To print form:
Bear the expense of all personal equipment, uniforms, travel, USARS insurance and dues.
MCM will grant membership to those who meet the requirements listed above. Voting power within the league is held by all active members as well as board members.

C. Choosing Your Roller Derby Name
All members of MCM must attend 12 practices before registering their derby name. They also must be current with dues. Please first check the roster for duplicates or similarities to your name. Give name to Bruiz E. HomeMaker and she will request your desired name and number. The main roster website is:

1. Name Registration
If a skater has been an MCM member for 6 months or more, if they leave our league and intend to join another league we will hold their name for 6 months. If a skater leaves prior to their 6 months and intends to join another league, we can hold their name for one month. If there was a special scenario for a leave of absence, we would take a vote and could hold their name for one year (Bruiz E. HomeMaker).

D. Attendance Requirements

1. Practice Requirements
McLean County MissFits are required to attend 75% of practices over a one month period. You must communicate to our secretary, Wrecka Holmes, any changes in your level of attendances at practice or events.

2. Event Attendance Requirements
McLean County MissFits are required to attend 75% of fundraising events per year. Events do Not include what we define as appearances which are when we participate in another organization’s event as a way to increase visibility, support the organization, etc. Moxie Thundersox will make clear what an appearance is and what an event is. Exemptions from events are illness, injury, family emergencies, previously planned vacations and work. If you must miss an event, we please ask you to notify Wrecka Holmes.

3. Probation Policy for Attendance Issues
If an MCM skater’s attendance in either events or practices falls below 75%, that skater will be considered to be on probation and must make 75% attendance the following month to remain on the Mclean County MissFits and active within the league. If the skater fails to make the requirements she is dismissed from the league. After dismissal, should the skater want to return, she must wait 60 days until asking to be added to the roster again. After returning, she will have a 90 day probation period. If she fails to meet attendance requirements again, she will be removed forever.

4. Absences From Practice
Absences from practices and events due to injury will be waived, however participation is strongly encouraged. Any skater injured or on leave of absence for more than 30 days must be reassessed at the level at which they left before participating in scrimmages.

5. Bout Attendance
Bouts are considered mandatory, regardless of the player status, unless pre-approved by Wrecka Holmes or the Team Captain. Please submit a request in writing 14 days prior. All league members must be present at the pre-determined time for set-up and shall remain until take-down is complete. If you do not attend a bout and do not have a valid excuse (valid excuses are what would be considered valid to miss work-death in the family, pre-planned vacation, family wedding, travel or illness that requires a doctor) you will not make attendance requirements and be on probation. If a teamed skater does not have a valid excuse, they will not skate in the next bout.

6. Requesting a Leave of Absence
These requirements may be waived in the case of an approved leave of absence. Leaves of absence must be brought to the attention of Wrecka Holmes in writing at least 7 days prior or it will count against your attendance and you will still be responsible for dues.

a) Clarification
If on injury leave (any length longer than 30 days, pregnancy also counts) and you do not skate at all in that month you will not be responsible for any dues. If you leave mid month or come back mid month and skate in that month you will be responsible for those dues. All leave of absence due to life will be treated and voted per issue.

E. Equipment Requirements
All skaters are required to purchase quad speed skates, mouth guard, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and a helmet. Additional protective gear is optional.

F. Dues
Dues in the amount of $25 per skater will be paid by the first practice or meeting of the month. Skaters must not fall more than 60 days behind on dues without being removed from the MCM roster. A player may not skate until she pays the dues within this 60 day period.

G. League Meetings
We will have mandatory meetings quarterly and monthly Committee updates communicated through email, team website and facebook. Committee Heads will arrange meetings as necessary. Suggestions from team members are welcomed and accepted anytime via email, website or phone.

H. WFTDA Requirements
The McLean County MissFits is a Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) member league. Please see the WFTDA website ( for more details on this organization. Because we are a member, we play and operate by the WFTDA Official Rules. All skaters and referees are required to read, learn and play by the current Official Rules ( Referees and/or the team Committee Heads will notify the league members of updates and revisions to the official rules.

I. Committees
Each committee will consist of one Head who will lead the group plus a number of volunteer members. A person must be a league member in good standing 6 months before qualifying to run for a Committee Head position. Heads are responsible for keeping all committees informed of progress and work, conducting committee meetings as needed and giving a committee report at each league meeting. All derby members should be active on one committee and be present at every other fundraiser.
All Committee Heads will have an equal vote in league decisions. It is a Committee Head’s discretion to choose which items will be brought to vote. If there is a tie vote, the issue will be brought to the league. Action on major decisions will not be made until the minutes are released to league members and a vote is taken. Majority vote rules.
If a league member would like to challenge for a Head Position, the member must submit a letter to the Secretary 10 days prior to a scheduled league meeting stating which position they would like to run for. At the next league meeting the challenger and the current Head will state their reasons for wanting the job and the league will hold a vote.
There is not term for a Head and any member is eligible. Heads will be re-evaluated each year with a league vote of “yea” or “nay.”

1. Committee Head Dismissal
Committee Heads may be removed from their seat as a result of poor performance of their duties. The Committee Heads as a group have an internal process to hold each other responsible for their jobs. If a head is not fulfilling her position as expected, a discussion or meeting is called among the Heads. If actions do not change within an agreed upon period, a Head vote is taken. Majority vote removes the Head and opens the position to the league.

2. Committees, Heads and Responsibilities
a) Training
Responsible for organizing coaches, trainers, safety coordinators; keep up with WFTDA certification. Also they are responsible for training equipment and scheduling rink times and builds relationships with other leagues as well as sets up bouts and events (Cherry Scarcia).
b) FreshMeat
This committee is responsible for recruiting new members, organizing recruiting events, communicating with new members, and handing out brochures and welcome packets to new members (Assaultine Cracker Jackers).
c) Webguru
This person is in charge of maintaining the MCM website, posts news, calendar of events and responsible for any website designs.
d) Fundraising and Sponsorship
Responsible for acquiring league sponsorship and maintaining sponsor relations. Also establishes links with the community through public service activities, sets up benefit shows and charity events. This includes booking and set up/ clean up before and after the event (Nonny Noisemaker). Head reports to treasurer (Sassy Shortcake).
e) Treasurer
In charge of collecting and tracking all league dues and spending. Responsible for all fiscal paperwork and for financial reports at league meetings (Sassy Shortcake).
f) Secretary
In charge of maintaining all league paperwork, records and circulates league minutes and gives league updates as needed, takes attendance at meetings and practices, retains membership forms and info and has copies of leagues bylaws to hand out and reference at all times (Wrecka Holmes).
g) Public relations
Works with media, sends out press releases, organizes print, tv and radio interviews, informs the community of upcoming events, provides content for website and facebook profile and also is responsible for league advertising and art department and merchandise (Camp Rockurass).

h) Volunteer Positions
There will be many skating and non-skating volunteer positions available within the league including referees, coaches, trainers, scorekeepers, announcers, promoters and bout set up and tear down. Any male involvement will be limited to a volunteer position. They are not required unless asked to attend meetings and have no voting power. They can also be dismissed by Committee Heads at any time(Mean Latifa).
i) Human Resources
Keeps a record of all emergency contact info for skaters, refs and nsos. Also is the go-to for any differences, disputes, mediation or appeals. Checks and moderates the Facebook and email accounts (Ward of the Skate and Louden Surly).
j) Newsletter
Responsible for coordinating the layout, design and writing of our monthly online and paper newsletter (Hell’s Melle).
J. Transfer Skater Policy
Any skater who has previously bouted with any league, or has been an active skater for more than 3 months with a league who are not yet bouting is eligible to transfer to MCM. Others interested will have to wait for tryouts.
An eligible transfer may begin skating with MCM when she moves to town. Secretary (Wrecka Holmes) will provide her with bylaws and dues set up and the skater will provide her with contact info for recommendation from her previous league to establish she wasn’t dismissed from that league on bad terms. She will be assessed at the level she was in her previous league as soon as possible.

Rules of Conduct
A. Safety
All protective gear must be worn during all skating activities. This includes knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and helmets. Mouth guards must be worn during bouts and scrimmages. Additional gear is recommended and should be taken into consideration such as ankle supports and tailbone protectors. Skaters without protective gear will not be allowed to skate at practices. Also skating under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted at any MCM event, bout or practice.

B. Public Appearances
All McLean County MissFits skaters are to represent the league in a favorable way during public appearances, events and MCM sponsored events. Skaters are representing all of MCM and are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner.
If an appearance/event involves children or underage individuals, skaters are not allowed to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes in their presence. All bouts, bar fundraisers etc are subject to discretion. No individual MCM is allowed to accept monies for services rendered, appearances or interviews on behalf of MCM without approval from the Head Committees. All contact with media must first be approved by Public Relations (Camp Rockurass).

C. Camaraderie and Respect
MCM is built on sportsmanship, camaraderie and respect. Malicious violence and disregard for the rules will not be tolerated. Any gossip, personal insults regarding race, sex, religion, body type etc, disrespect to any one in any derby league or any other petty behavior will not be tolerated. No slander to reputation or character.
MCM does not tolerate physical assaults in any form. Our focus is a safe clean game with sportswomanship and athleticism. Fighting is not allowed in the WFTDA rules and our referees will eject the skater immediately.
D. Coaches, Trainers and Referees
Coaches, trainers and referees must adhere to the same set of values and ethics. They are expected to be honest, respectful and fair.
E. Dismissal Policies
League Dismissal grounds:
Poor conduct
Poor sportswomanship
Under special circumstances an MCM member may be nominated for dismissal. Any league member can file a formal complaint in writing to the Committee Heads. After the first complaint there will be a warning. A second will result in a 30 day probationary period where the skater cannot skate at practices or events. If they receive a third complaint within one year of the first, then she will be dismissed and cannot reenter the league in less than 2 years from the dismissal date. Such occurrences are rare and most will be resolved with mediation.

1. Mediation
MCM believes that any members who may have personal differences or disputes should attempt third-party mediation as a first step. If you are uncomfortable with the chosen mediator you may speak to any Committee Head instead.
a) Appeals Process
Any MCM member who has been removed from a committee or the league can appeal the decision to the Committee Heads within 30 days. The appellant must provide documented evidence proving the decision was unjust. IF a defect in the decision is found, the Heads may modify or reverse the previous decision. Appeals can be dismissed if the appellant waited too long to appeal or if the committee finds a defect in the procedure the appellant used to file the appeal.
Financial Guidelines
1. Allocation
MCM does not endeavor to be a profit making organization. We are working to give any net profits gained back to the community via charitable donations including but not limited to cancer research.
2. Disclosure
McLean County MissFits’ financial records will be accessible to all members through the Treasurer(Sassy Shortcake). Any member wishing to see them is welcome to schedule a meeting with her to view any and all records. No members but the Treasurer and treasury committee will be allowed to retain copies of financial documents.
3. Reimbursement
All expenses must be approved by the relevant Committee Head and Treasurer prior to each purchase. Original receipts must be presented within 30 days of purchase with explanation of why it was purchased and for what event. Expenses properly field will be reimbursed in order of filing date and within 30 days after funds are available or added as dues credit.

Logos, Trademarks, Merchandise and Venues
The McLean County MissFits NFP League Teams are not allowed to hold any bout, practice or game outside of the charted location without the expressed written consent of the Committee Heads. MCM league logo merchandise will be available for sale at events and bouts and 100% of sales will benefit The McLean County MissFits. Monies will be recycled back into our league and be used for practice space, bout venues etc… All bout concession revenue will be retained by MCM unless previous agreement with venue and supplier has been made. Ticket sales will also benefit the MCM. The use of the MCM logo is strictly reserved as the sole right of the MCM and may not be used or reproduced for any reason without the expressed written consent of The McLean County MissFits.

Amendments and Revisions to Bylaws
All amendments and revisions to the MCM bylaws may be revisited every 3 months as deemed necessary by the Head Committee members.

McLean County MissFits NFP
Bloomington, Illinois

Board Members
President: Moxie Thundersox
Vice President: Hell’s Melle
Secretary: Wrecka Holmes
Treasurer: Sassy Shortcake
Senior Advisor: Bruiz E. HomeMaker
Signature of Compliance
Please sign, date, detach and present to the Head Committee members.
I have read and understand all the contents of the McLean County MissFits NFP Bylaws. I agree to adhere to the rules it has laid forth and accept the consequences should I fail to comply with these rules.

Printed Name ____________________________________ Date__________
Signature ______________________________________________________


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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  aMOXIEcilla on Thu May 24, 2012 6:26 pm

Can someone please add the amendments since these to this thread? I am currently seeking the injury policy i know we voted on and its not here.

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Camp on Thu May 24, 2012 8:29 pm

Everything we have voted on should be in important info. I know Dinah is working with her committee to get this all updated ASAP. I don't think this is the most recent copy.

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  aMOXIEcilla on Thu May 24, 2012 9:18 pm

I just can't seem to find it and this is the important info doc area. Maybe just an updated thru now bylaws for the league to see.

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  May Q Sick on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:08 pm

I am looking for the injury policy as well...where is the injury policy that the league voted in at the league meeting at the airport in 2010.
May Q Sick
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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Rita Rogue on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:43 pm

Are the 2010 bylaws the most current? I was looking for updated attendance policy stuff the other day. I thought we had changed it but can't find anything. Is p and p still sussing the changes out? Forgive me if that's still in the works.
Rita Rogue
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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Ima Schoolya on Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:56 pm

From 1/25/13

General Attendance Policy
Attendance percentage will be calculated out of total numbers of practices held by the McLean County MissFits in rolling four-week periods leading up to a bout or the submission of a roster, whichever occurs first. McLean County Missfit skaters are expected to attend and participate in at least 50% of all scheduled McLean County MissFit practices in a four-week attendance period. If a skater fails to meet this requirement, she will be rendered ineligible to bout, within the league or as a foster, until she meets the attendance requirements of a four-week period. Skaters may receive attendance credits for participating in various other events as listed below and with the notification and approval of the League Secretary; however, credits attained for participation in non-MissFit practices may constitute no more than 50% of earned practice credit.
Attendance and participation at home bouts is mandatory for all skaters; skaters are expected to volunteer for at least one position/shift per home bout when they are not bouting unless they are unable to for reasons approved by the bout coordinator.
MissFit skaters are expected to attend and participate in at least 50% of MissFit PR/Fundraising events per eight-week period to maintain bout eligibility. If a skater is unable to attend events, they may speak with the head(s) of PR/Fundraising for ways to help with the effort ahead of its occurrence.
Team captains are allowed and encouraged to enforce their own attendance requirements for members of their respective teams. Requirements must be decided upon at least two weeks prior to the first bout of the team’s season, and skaters must be notified of a team’s attendance requirements upon getting rostered. Captains may not change attendance requirements mid-season without the approval of the majority of the rostered skaters on their respective team.

Receiving Practice Credit
Skaters will receive one full credit for each of the following:
• Attending and participating in practices held by the McLean County MissFits
• Playing in a bouts, mixers, and non-practice scrimmages (such as OCCRG’s annual black and white mixer scrimmage) as a MissFit or as a foster for another league.
• Attending and participating in a roller derby boot camp (such as Blood and Thunder and RollerCon). Skaters may receive one full practice credit for each day.
Skaters will receive one half credit for each of the following:
• Attending and participating in outside league practices
• Attending and participating in newbie boot camps
• Participating in outside organized sporting events (such as 5ks, half-marathons, marathons, RAGBRAI, Warrior Dash, biathlons, triathlons, etc.)
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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Shawna Wilcox on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:04 am

Can we sticky the new bylaws? I can't find them Crying or Very sad 
Shawna Wilcox
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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  Camp on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:05 am

and not in the archived stuff...maybe under documents would be a good spot??

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  PsychoWard on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:32 am

I think the best place for bylaws would be in special pages.

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

Post  IceHurt on Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:41 am

These are the updated bylaws. As we vote in more policies these will continue to be updated. 
Everyone please stop using the 2010 bylaws!

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MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010) Empty Re: MCM Bylaws (fall, 2010)

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