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WFTDA Skills & Written Test Information

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WFTDA Skills & Written Test Information

Post  Guest on Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:27 pm

Level One Basic Skills Requirements (Green Card):
Plow Stop
Tomahawk Stop
One Knee-Falls
Two-Knee Falls
Backwards Skating
Double Footed Jump
Leap (one footed jump)

Level 2 Skills:
Has participated in weaving drills at 3 or more practices
Has participated in blocking drills at 3 or more practices
Has practiced giving and receiving pushes
Has practiced giving and receiving whips
Can adjust to variable speeds in a pace line, keeping an arms length distance from the skater in front and behind
Can maintain and/or recover balance when bumped
Can deal safely with fallen skaters in her path through avoidance or falling
25 laps in under 5 minutes, crossing over in turns, derby stance
Has scrimmaged with one jammer for 5 jams
Understands "the pack" - verbal explanation
Understands "engagement zone" - verbal explanation
Understands "cutting the track" - verbal explanation

For any questions on expectations, please refer to your WFTDA Basic Skills requirements.

Standard Official's Procedures guide:

Non-Official but Helpful Tips on Studying for the tests:
Quiz questions:
How to Study for the Written Test, by Fishnet Burns:


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