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Bout Day Agenda

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Bout Day Agenda

Post  Ima Schoolya on Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:32 pm

Bout Day Agenda

10:00-2:00 Set up
4:00-5:30 VIP Table, Skater and Volunteer Check-in
6:00 Doors open
6:00 NSOs meeting

6:25 Emergency Action Plan Meeting- all coaches, captains, 1 player rep from each team, and head ref, head NSO should attend
5:45-6:05 MissFits Warm up
6:05-6:25 CoMo Warm up

6:35 Captains meeting
6:45 Gear Checks
7:00 Intros, National Anthem, Bout starts
7:30 Halftime, 50/50 Raffle winner announced
7:40 Second half starts
8:10 Bout ends, tear down
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