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Hey so Im trying to get a food truck...

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Hey so Im trying to get a food truck...

Post  Silent Assassin on Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:00 am

Hello! So as many of you know I (and chete) have started a business called Nacho Mamas Grilled cheese LLC. We have hit a ton of roadblocks but we are getting there! It is just Heather and I now, and so we are doing a fundraiser to try and help offset some of the costs. Like me selling my house and living in my car, which is an option, but probably won't happen. But that is what I am willing to do to see my dreams fullfilled. We are happy to say we have received some donations and we really can't say thank you enough. Everyone in this league is fucking amazeballs and I'm constantly surprised by everyone's generosity. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone and we do have a sandwich called the MissFit in honor of this league. If you want to help there is a link on our facebook page. If you don't like us yet, you prolly should Wink and follow us on twitter. Smile I tried to post the link below....And we love you guys and I've been a MissFit for a year now!!!!! Very Happy
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