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Post  Ima Schoolya on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:50 am

Sunny and Patches have both declined their nominations.

Brown Sugar Bombshell
Fellow MissFits,

I am truly honored to receive a nomination for Sponsorship Co-Head and want to give a big THANK YOU to those who voted for me.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak about the MissFits at a local Rotary Club. During the Q&A, many of the members stated that they hadn’t realized McLean County had a roller derby league. They were also previously unaware of our community-centered mission and the numerous ways that we give back through bouts, volunteering, and fundraising. They must've liked my presentation, because I was invited to join the club! By joining I am automatically plugged into a network of local business owners and representatives from various corporate and civic organizations. I’m also provided with a weekly platform to promote MissFits’ events and an opportunity to develop partnerships—that could potentially lead to new sponsors.

Each day, I am charged with the responsibility of cultivating business-wide relationships within SF’s MASSIVE Enterprise. We are a new department, comprised of “outsiders” and people don’t quite comprehend our roles. So, it’s a difficult task, but I have the skill set to gain recognition on behalf of my department and we are making great headway. Similarly to our league—people either don’t know we exist or don’t quite “understand” who we are as an organization and family-friendly sport. Partnering with sponsors that have name recognition on a local and even national level provides instantaneous legitimacy to our league, in addition to affording us with a stream of potential sponsors, increased revenue, and more opportunities to support our community. Therefore, it's crucial that the chosen candidate is comfortable in a corporate setting and able to successfully promote the league as a professional organization.

There is a wealth of untapped sponsors throughout Blo-No and McLean County. Partnering with them will take lots of hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment on the part of the Sponsorship Committee members—but it’s not an impossible feat. The McLean County MissFits are a brand and it’s time we align ourselves with people who possess the means to propel this brand to the next level. In order for this to happen, we need strong leaders on the Sponsorship Committee who have the ability to facilitate and maintain relationships.

I could finish this speech by running down my resume, telling you all the reasons that I would be a great Sponsorship Co-Chair, and making you a few “politician” promises—but I won’t. I will tell you this; I don’t attach myself to people who lack potential and drive. Frankly, it makes me look bad and I’ve spent too many years building my OWN professional brand to be considered mediocre by association. I choose instead to surround myself with those who share a similar mind of excellence and perseverance; who are motivated by a shared vision and mission. I choose to surround myself with McLean County MissFits.

Thank you in advance for your considerations.


April “Brown Sugar Bombshell” Thatch

Becca D. Licious

First off I would like to say thank you for this nomination. If I am chosen, I would like to put new sponsorship packages together. Sometimes we forget that sponsorships are relationships that we build to benefit not only the MissFits but our local businesses. We need to get our sponsors excited & give them a reason to sponsor us. We have really great sponsors now, we need to keep them and we need to show possible new sponsors that we are a legit team in this community and are now a member of WFTDA. I believe if we have the right sponsorship team we can take the MissFits to new places.

Thank You For Your Consideration!

Much Love,
Becca D. Licious

Ima Schoolya
Ima Schoolya

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Post  Becky Hicks Hutchison on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:04 am

Amazing speech April!! <3 You!!!

Becky "Becca D. Licious" Hutchison
Becky Hicks Hutchison
Becky Hicks Hutchison

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Post  Lynncredible She-Hulk on Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:48 am

Both of you...awesome!! Great perspective and well-written. I love you
Lynncredible She-Hulk
Lynncredible She-Hulk

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