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This is important! Empty This is important!

Post  nonny noisemaker on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:18 pm

Hello fellow MissFits! 

With our bout coming up I want to remind everyone how important it is to help out. Whether that be setting up, putting up flyers, running out to get more duct tape, doing check ins or tickets and merchandise to the bake sale! If you do not know what you can do yo help please ask! We absolutely need your help in making a bout successful! Take the time to make this happen. 

Not only on bout day but each and every day too! Each and everyone of us run this league and we need to all put in the help! It is necessary for all to put in their fair share of time and effort. 

Being on a committee or committee head, running a practice to organizing an event or giving your suggestions and ideas. We need all of this and all of you to do these things. 

Please volunteer to help out! We cannot keep seeing the same group of people voulenterring for everything. I would like to see fresher faces! 

Everyday there is something that needs to be done. Please ask me, or another board member or a committee head what you can do. 

There is no I in teamwork! 

Thank you MissFits for all you do already! Keep it up! 

Happy bout week and Love to all of you, 


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