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cross training those derby muscles

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cross training those derby muscles

Post  Ass.Crack.Jack on Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:58 pm

Hey MissFits!
This new tab under the training committee is going to be the place to talk about cross training. As athletes we are using a specific set of muscles, and it is important to work other muscles. Cross training will also help with endurance, strength and overall fitness. We are athletes and the better we treat our bodies, the better we will be able to perform.
I will be posting a workout once a week to start off with. I will try to incorporate things that can be done at home or outside, but some will include things that could be done at the gym.
If you have comments, concerns or questions feel free to post them here.
This can also be a place for getting groups together to workout outside of practice. I know I love some outdoor skating, and its even better with a MissFit by my side Smile

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