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one more time...nonnys fundraiser/event attendance speech

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one more time...nonnys fundraiser/event attendance speech

Post  nonny noisemaker on Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:25 pm

Hi MissFits! I'm a broken record, but I feel like its necessary to say one more time.

We have had a lot of fundraisers and charity events happening lately. Even though it isn't required that you attend events, it is appreciated and important that each of us make an effort to attend what you can.

There are 70 something of us and there should be MORE then a handful at each event.

The Bistro was packed with MissFits. Which was awesome! But Danvers Days not so much. So what I'm saying is please make sure you put your fair share of "face time" at our scheduled events. I would love to see new faces coming to the events as well!

Thanks everyone! I truly do appreciate all of your work and help with events! It couldn't be done without you guys!

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