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help some soldiers, please.

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help some soldiers, please. Empty help some soldiers, please.

Post  Ass.Crack.Jack on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:05 pm

We met an awesome lady that has 2 sons in the military and she has a non for profit that needs some support! They are in the Pepsi refresh project, they need some votes through tomorrow!
Help Molly's adopt a sailor- special hugs. Send love to our combat support hospitals in Afghanistan! Text: 107637 to 73774

This lady bought 2 shirts, some stickers, donated $15 for drinks for us (we donated it to the MissFits) and talked to us for 20 minutes! She wants to team up with us at some point for a big fundraiser, plus she wants to NSO! She is going to send the shirts to her boys where they are stationed and then send us the pictures for our website!

Get your phones out, and text to support this awesome group!

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help some soldiers, please. Empty Re: help some soldiers, please.

Post  Laura on Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:13 am

Message sent! I see you can vote at the Pepsi webpage and on facebook, too. We're in Illinois, so vote early and vote often!

This is an awesome project. I was up at Great Lakes Naval Station for work earlier this summer, and everyone there was just lovely and hospitable. It's nice to have a way to repay them - plus, my dad single-handedly won World War II when he was in the Navy.

And if we're going to help with this, I know y'all would like to get together and have a pillowcase decorating party, right? It turns out 9 Milly and I both have roller derby embroidery transfers, so we have designs that are good to go. If you're not handy with a needle, I'm happy to teach some basics, or set you up with fabric paints. Let's send some MissFit love overseas!

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