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06/17/2011 - ivvrd contract n stuffs

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06/17/2011 - ivvrd contract n stuffs Empty 06/17/2011 - ivvrd contract n stuffs

Post  aMOXIEcilla on Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:18 pm

4:30-5:00 Skaters & Staff Check-in
5:30 Open Skate
6:00 Doors Open, Equipment Check (scrimmage), Captains’ Meeting
6:15 Scrimmage Warm Up Skate
6:30 Mixer Scrimmage Start (2- 20min periods & 10min ½ time)
7:20 Equipment Check (main bout)
7:25 Missfits warm up skate
7:35 IVVRD warm up skate
7:45 Bout
9:00 End/Tear Down
I would like to be out of skydive and done with everything by 9:30-they requested that we are done by 10:30. I would like to be at the after party by 10.

Name Derby Name Position USARS Number
Sebby Head (Inside Pack) Referee
Tommy Boy Inside Pack Ref
Lester Alcorn Yedda tha Shredda Jam Referee 22235
Josh Robb Derby Howser Jam Referee
Outside Pack Ref
Abram Outside Pack Ref
Fat Jesus Outside Pack Ref
Alternate Ref
Alternate Ref
Yellie Head NSO
Amy Sears Bam B Smears Jam Timer
Ann Leix Penalty Box Timer
Mark Embry Mark Embry Penalty Box Timer
Penalty Box Timer
Inside Whiteboard
Kristy Dewall Joan Wayne Gacy Penalty Tracker
Penalty Tracker
MissyFit MissyFit Outside Whiteboard
Cheryl Outside Whiteboard
Elizabeth Crabtree B Dizzy Score Keeper
Score Keeper
Score Board
Krazie Kathy Krazie Kathy Line Up Tracker
Ross Leuck Ross Leuck Line Up Tracker
Karen Bunker Common Denominatrix Announcer

callie katz merch table (someone else wanna help this gal?)


kate devious would like to welcome you all to camp out at her house for the afterparty. so bring a tent and a 40? haha i dunno whatever you wanna camp about. personally this sounds more fun than the afterparty itself. here is the afterparty info...apparently her house is super close by:

The after party will be located at Shakers Lounge: 121 West Stevenson Road Ottawa, IL 61350-9675
(815) 433-2110.

if there are any questions or any of this is an issue please let me know.



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06/17/2011 - ivvrd contract n stuffs Empty Re: 06/17/2011 - ivvrd contract n stuffs

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:02 pm

I'll post this in a couple different places. Heard back from Kate Devious (IVVRD) and she said there was no real interest in camping, so it's a no go. She was planning on doing it where her new house is being built and no one really committed, so she has sitter issues and such.

Looks like I'm looking into a hotel.

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